Miklós Rózsa: Double Life

Miklós Rózsa: Double Life with music for film and various instruments, including guitar


Bay Cities/BCD-1020/1990


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After scoring the film Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid in 1981 Miklós Rózsa decided the
time had come to end his career writing music for movies. Starting with Knight Without
Armor in 1907, he had by now written ninety film scores, a body of work that forms one
of the most important contributions to the art of film. Forty-four years is, as he points out,
a long time to be associated with any particular form of composition. It is indeed a
remarkable track record, although in his case it is made the more remarkable by the
fact that it forms only half of his musical life.

When Rózsa published his autobiography in 1982 he gave it the title Double Life,
which, he is quick to point out, refers to his professional and not his private life. To an
extent unmatched by any other composer, he has been able to divide his time and his
productivity between composition for film and composition for the recital and concert
halls. While he is acknowledged for his mastery of film scoring he is equally recognized
for his chamber, choral and concert works, almost all of which have been recorded. In
fact, few Twentieth century composers are as well represented on records as Miklós Rózsa.

Until now Rózsa has always resisted any suggestions for record albums that
combined his film scoring with his chamber and concert works, feeling that the two
sides of his musical double life should be kept apart. However, now that he has
revealed what he calls “the two-faced nature of my professional life” in his
autobiography, he feels it might not be amiss to let the two Rózsas sit side by side on a


1. Suite from the film “The Private Lives of J. Edgar Hoover”
2. Sonata for Harp – Susann McDonald, Harp
3. Sonata for Oboe – Allan Vogel, Oboe
4. Three Waltzes for Guitar – arranged and played by Gregg Nestor, Guitar
5. Introduction and Allegro for Solo Viola – Maria Newman, Viola


Produced by Tony Thomas
Executive Producers: Bruce Kimmel, Alain Silver, Michael Rosen
Projects Director: Nick Redman
Digital Mastering: Daniel Hersch, DigiPrep
Cover Design: Debby Lenny
Graphic Artist: Karen Stone