Aire de Joropo for Gtr & Orch: Video

Giulio Tampalini plays Gregg’s lively arrangement for guitar and chamber orchestra of the lighthearted folksong Aire de Joropo in Brescia, Italy.

Clear Note has published Gregg’s Music Plus One arrangement of Aire de Joropo for guitar and chamber orchestra that comes with a play-along CD. Joropo is a musical style resembling the fandango, and an accompanying dance. It has African, Native South American and European influences and originated in parts of what is now Venezuela. It is a fundamental genre of música criolla (creole music) and is a very popular folk rhythm making use of polyrhythmic patterns, especially of hemiola, and alternation of 3/4 and 6/8 tempos.

Aire de joropo has been a popular folk song played by classical guitarists for a number of years. This guitar and orchestra fantasy was arranged by Gregg Nestor as an encore piece for a London concert in 1980.