Cinco Piezas Populares for Guitar Trio by Enrique Granados

Cinco Piezas Populares
Enrique Granados (1867-1916)
Arranged for three guitars by Gregg Nestor

  • Añoranza
  • Zambra
  • Zapateado
  • Moresque
  • Miel de la Alcarria

Composer Enrique Granados, along with Isaac Albéniz, brought modern Spanish music into the home of the avid music lover. Most of Granados’ works are for piano solo, and through them he created a unique style of writing for the [then] modern school of Spanish keyboard music. Many of his works have been successfully arranged for guitar and are among the all time audience favorites in the instrument’s literature.

This collection, arranged for guitar trio by Gregg Nestor, are works from the composer’s youth (circa 1890 – 1895) and strongly convey the nationalistic elements so pronounced in his elegant style. They have been organized as a suite of contrasting movements, but can successfully be played as stand alone pieces.