Kennedy Center Performance of Rodrigo Arrangement

The Kennedy Center is presenting a concert of Jewish music on November 23, 2015 by Pro Musica Hebraica.  Pro Musica Hebraica is an organization devoted to presenting Jewish classical music—much of it believed lost, forgotten, or rarely performed—in a concert hall setting.

One of the featured performances will be Gregg’s arrangement of Cuatro Canciones Sefardíes (1965) for voice and guitar by Joaquín Rodrigo.  The songs will be performed by mezzo-soprano Rachel Calloway and guitarist Adam Levin (photos below).

RachelCalloway AdamLevin

For a PDF brochure with more information about the Pro Musica Hebraica concert click here.

Schubert, Schumann, Brahms Lieder Available Soon!

A new delight for vocalists and guitarists! Gregg has skillfully arranged seven volumes of  beautiful German lieder for voice and guitar by Schubert, Schumann and Brahms.  This collection is called Masterworks of German Lied.  The first three volumes with 82 Schubert lieder will be available soon from Clear Note.  You can view and preorder these excellent volumes here.  The remaining volumes of Schumann and Brahms will be published soon after the Schubert.SchubertLiederVolumes1-3

We speculate that if today’s concert level guitars had been available to Romantic era composers, with their richer palette of subtle sounds, greater volume, and vastly improved intonation, the guitar might well have played a more prominent role with these composers. Classical guitar embodies many of the Romantic ideals: its intimacy, color, and evocative possibilities are a perfect fit for the German lieder found in this expansive collection.

The seven volumes contained in this edition focus exclusively on songs by Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms. One hundred sixty-three lieder from these masters are presented in chronological order, offering a sequential viewpoint into the creative arc of each composer’s lifelong exploration of the genre. Throughout the collection meticulous attention has been paid to representing the original articulations and phrasing to assist in musical interpretation.

Among these three composers only Schubert actually played the guitar. He also composed for the instrument, and several of his songs were originally published with alternate guitar accompaniment. Neither Schumann or Brahms are known to have played guitar, but Viennese musical society of that time, at the highest levels and within the middle class, loved guitar and many played it. The iconic nineteenth century composer and guitarist Mauro Giuliani, an acquaintance of Schubert, is said to have sung some of Schubert’s vocal works, and played music “past midnight” on occasion with Schubert and other musicians.

With the publication of this treasury of German lieder, expertly arranged for voice and guitar by Gregg Nestor, today’s vocalists and guitarists have the opportunity to study and perform the largest collection of these exquisite Romantic masterpieces to date.

New Music Plus One Guitar Publications

Gregg and Clear Note came up with a different angle for their guitar publications.  They recently put out several new arrangements for guitar with orchestra and guitar with harpsichord that feature scores as well as Music Plus One (MPO) CDs.   These special editions give the guitarist an excellent opportunity to practice or perform the music along with the accompanying recordings.

Here are the latest items:

Bach: Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring [Orch, Gtr] New
arr. Gregg Nestor (Clear Note Publications #74637)

MacDowell: To A Wild Rose [Orch, Gtr] New
arr. Gregg Nestor (Clear Note Publications #74638)

Massenet: Méditation from Opera Thaïs [Orch, Gtr] New
arr. Gregg Nestor (Clear Note Publications #74634)

Tárrega: Recuerdos de la Alhambra [Orch, Gtr] New
arr. Gregg Nestor (Clear Note Publications #74635)

Ponce: Preludio [Harpsichord, Gtr] New
arr. Gregg Nestor (Clear Note Publications #74636)


Latest Publications

Clear Note has published another set of Gregg’s arrangements. This set includes the following by Bartók, Ravel and Granados:

Bartók: 5 from MikroKosmos [Oboe, Gtr] New
arr. Gregg Nestor (Clear Note Publications #74630)

Ravel: Deux Mélodies Hébraïques [Voice, Gtr] New
arr. Gregg Nestor (Clear Note Publications #74632)

Ravel: Deux Mélodies Hébraïques [Vln, Gtr] New
arr. Gregg Nestor (Clear Note Publications #74631)

Granados: Elegía Eterna [Voice, Gtr] New
arr. Gregg Nestor (Clear Note Publications #74627)

Granados: Elegía Eterna [Vln, Gtr] New
arr. Gregg Nestor (Clear Note Publications #74628)

Granados: Elegía Eterna [Cello, Gtr] New
arr. Gregg Nestor (Clear Note Publications #74629)

5 New Guitar Chamber Music Arrangements

Working Overtime!

Gregg creating fine guitar chamber music arrangements

Gregg at work

Gregg is working hard on his guitar chamber music arrangements. Clear Note is doing a great job of publishing them. Just recently, Clear Note put out five new guitar chamber music arrangements by Gregg.  These arrangements include works by Mahler, Chabrier, Mozart, Vivaldi and a set of pieces by three different Italian composers.  The works have been arranged for different instrumental combinations, including voice, guitar and chamber ensemble, violin and guitar, cello and guitar and two guitars. The level of difficulty ranges from intermediate to advanced.  Gregg has included some interesting background material about the composer(s) and the pieces in each of the publications.

Previews of New Guitar Chamber Music

Here are links for you to preview the new works and give you an opportunity to purchase:

Mahler: Des Knaben Wunderhorn [Voice, Gtr, Ensemble]

arr. Gregg Nestor (Clear Note Publications #74624)

Three Italian Gems [Vln, Gtr]

arr. Gregg Nestor (Clear Note Publications #74626)

Mozart: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik [Vln, Gtr]

arr. Gregg Nestor (Clear Note Publications #74623)

Vivaldi: Six Sonatas [Cello, Gtr]

arr. Gregg Nestor (Clear Note Publications #74625)

Chabrier: España [Two Gtrs]

arr. Gregg Nestor (Clear Note Publications #74622)

Boston Guitarfest Concert Videos with Gregg’s Arrangements

Just this past June, several of Gregg’s guitar ensemble arrangements were featured in premiere performances at the highly respected 2014 Boston Guitarfest. Click on the links below to enjoy these excellent videos of the live performances:

Three American Pieces by Lukas Foss arranged for violin and guitar and performed by Duo Sonidos.

Two Portraits by Aaron Copland arranged for guitar quartet.

Two Pieces from “Porgy and Bess” by George Gershwin arranged for violin and guitar and performed by Duo Sonidos.

Gregg’s Arrangements at Boston GuitarFest

All of the following arrangements played in the concert are Gregg’s except for Morente, Flamenco Tangos and Sevillanas and Funk.

Tuesday, June 24
Jordan Hall Young Guitarists Workshop Faculty Performance
Free and open to the public

Huckleberry Finn Overture by Franz Waxman; Adam Levin, Devin Ulibarri, Will Riley
Three Leroy Anderson Selections by Leroy Anderson; Will Riley, Devin Ulibarri
Peyton Place Suite by Franz Waxman
Two Portraits by Aaron Copland; YGW Guitar Quartet (Will Riley, Adam Levin, Devin Ulibarri, Colin Thurmond)
Morente (Granadina) by Vicente Amigo; Pablo Giménez, Flamenco Guitar
Flamenco Tangos, Sevillanas; Eve Costarelli, Pablo Giménez, Dance Troop
Funk by Jorge Muñiz
Three American Pieces by Lukas Foss
Selections from Porgy and Bess Suite by George Gershwin; Adam Levin, Guitar; William Knuth, Violin

New Release/Review: Bach Trio Sonatas (2 Gtrs)

Clear Note Publications recently released Gregg’s arrangements of three Bach Trio Sonatas (BWV 525, 529, 530) for two guitars.  Click here for a preview of these fine works.

There is already a positive review of the Bach Trio Sonatas that appeared online on April 16, 2014:

This arrangement is one for the ages. Gregg Nestor has created a masterful edition of some of Bach’s most sublime music. Everything about this is first rate – the distribution of the parts, the fingerings, and all notational elements combine to make this a “must have” book for every guitarist’s library. Congratulations to Gregg Nestor and to Clear Note for its publication.

Jeffrey Goodman, composer and guitarist