Boston Guitarfest Concert Videos with Gregg’s Arrangements

Just this past June, several of Gregg’s guitar ensemble arrangements were featured in premiere performances at the highly respected 2014 Boston Guitarfest. Click on the links below to enjoy these excellent videos of the live performances:

Three American Pieces by Lukas Foss arranged for violin and guitar and performed by Duo Sonidos.

Two Portraits by Aaron Copland arranged for guitar quartet.

Two Pieces from “Porgy and Bess” by George Gershwin arranged for violin and guitar and performed by Duo Sonidos.

Gregg’s Arrangements at Boston GuitarFest

All of the following arrangements played in the concert are Gregg’s except for Morente, Flamenco Tangos and Sevillanas and Funk.

Tuesday, June 24
Jordan Hall Young Guitarists Workshop Faculty Performance
Free and open to the public

Huckleberry Finn Overture by Franz Waxman; Adam Levin, Devin Ulibarri, Will Riley
Three Leroy Anderson Selections by Leroy Anderson; Will Riley, Devin Ulibarri
Peyton Place Suite by Franz Waxman
Two Portraits by Aaron Copland; YGW Guitar Quartet (Will Riley, Adam Levin, Devin Ulibarri, Colin Thurmond)
Morente (Granadina) by Vicente Amigo; Pablo Giménez, Flamenco Guitar
Flamenco Tangos, Sevillanas; Eve Costarelli, Pablo Giménez, Dance Troop
Funk by Jorge Muñiz
Three American Pieces by Lukas Foss
Selections from Porgy and Bess Suite by George Gershwin; Adam Levin, Guitar; William Knuth, Violin

New Release and Review: Bach Trio Sonatas (2 Gtrs)

Clear Note Publications very recently released Gregg’s arrangements of three Bach Trio Sonatas (BWV 525, 529, 530) for two guitars.  Click here for more on these fine works.

There is already a positive review of the Sonatas that appeared online on April 16, 2014:

This arrangement is one for the ages. Gregg Nestor has created a masterful edition of some of Bach’s most sublime music. Everything about this is first rate – the distribution of the parts, the fingerings, and all notational elements combine to make this a “must have” book for every guitarist’s library. Congratulations to Gregg Nestor and to Clear Note for its publication.

Jeffrey Goodman, composer and guitarist