Albums (CDs and Downloads)

This page lists the many classical guitar CDs Gregg has made. In addition to the CDs shown below, Gregg has also recorded a number of single guitar tracks that are not displayed here–like Battlestar Sonatica from Battlestar Galactica and Theme from 3:10 to Yuma.  You can find these downloadable tracks at various vendors, but mainly at Amazon and Apple iTunes.

CD Listing

All of Gregg’s CDs that are currently available are shown below. Just click on any album picture below to go to a complete description of that album. There you can see what is on the various tracks, listen to some samples and click on links to Clear Note where you can purchase the entire albums in CD format or download them.  You can also purchase and download individual album tracks.

The Miklós Rózsa Collection

You Must Remember This

You Must Remember This Too

Magnificent Wedding Music

Remembrances A Spanish Journey

Cantares for Soprano and Guitar

Mediterranean Impressions

Mediterranean Impressions

Dancing On Air

Venezuela Alegre




Classic Mancini

Latin American Serenade

Latin American Serenade

Classic Musicals for Harmonica and Guitar