Remembrances: A Spanish Journey

Remembrances: A Spanish Journey

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Dedicated to the memory of Andres Segovia with gratitude


BSX Records/BSXCD8878/2010


Clear Note (CD)


Nowadays the classical guitar is truly international with performers and composers from around the world being involved in the development of its repertoire. Yet at the heart of the instrument’s appeal, Spanish music continues to fascinate players and public. In particular, the many pieces written for Andres Segovia by Iberian composers inspire a charismatic enchantment. Yet even beyond the orbit of Maestro Segovia’s creative presence, there is a hinterland of Spanish works equally imaginative and alluring.


1. Sonata – Mateo Albéniz  

SUITE: PLATERO Y YO – Eduardo Sáinz de la Maza
2. Platero
3. El Loco
4. La Azotea
5. Darbon
6. Paseo
7. La Tortuga
8. La Muerte  
9. A Platero en Su Tierra

10. Nocturno – Federico Moreno Torroba
11. Fandanguillo – Joaquin Turina

HOMMAGE Á TARREGA – Joaquin Turina
12. Garrotin
13. Soleares

DOS MINIATURES – Maria Esteban da Valera
14. Nana  
15. Intermezzo

16. FANTASIA – SONATA, Op. 22 – Joan Manén
Largo • Allegro • Adagio cantabile • Allegro assai • Doppio piú lento (Andante)

17. Mallorca (Barcarola), Op. 202 – Isaac Albéniz  
18. Cordoba, Op. 232, No. 4 – Isaac Albéniz


Album produced by Gregg Nestor
Recorded at Penguin Recording, Eagle Rock, CA
between September and December, 1991
Engineer: John Strother
Digitally mastered by Jonathan Marcus, Orpharian Recordings
CD Art Direction by Mark Banning
Album Notes by Graham Wade
Mr. Nestor’s Guitar: Jose Ramirez, 1984