You Must Remember This Too

You Must Remember This Too

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Classic Film Music by Gold, Newman, Korngold, Rozsa, Herrmann, Morley and Tiomkin Arranged for Guitar


BSX Records/BSXCD 8856/2009


Clear Note (CD)


Few things encourage artistic rediscovery so much as a change in perspective. The music represented on this disc has endured in the memory of both film-goers and music lovers; but in adapting these pieces for two guitars, in arrangements based faithfully on the composers’ original scores, guitarist and arranger Gregg Nestor encourages us to both renew and rethink some old acquaintances.


1. It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World – Ernest Gold  
2. Overture: All About Eve – Alfred Newman
3. Wuthering Heights – Alfred Newman  
4. Down to the Sea in Ships – Alfred Newman
5. My Love and I – Erich Wolfgang Korngold (Gregg Nestor, solo guitar)

Suite in the Olden Style – Miklos Rozsa (with Jessica Pierce, flute; Francisco Castillo, oboe/English horn; Kevan Torfeh, cello)
6. Le Passepied de Vaubiessard (Madame Bovary)  
7. Bourree (Moonfleet)
8. The Duchess of Brighton (The V.I.P.S)
9. Pavanne & Gaillarde (Diane)
10. Love Song (Diane)
11. The Prince of Wales (Young Bess)
12. Suite: Psycho – Bernard Herrmann  
13. Suite: Watership Down – Angela Morley
14. Music of the Night – Dimitri Tiomkin (with Anna Bartos, soprano)
15. Friendly Persuasion – Dimitri Tiomkin  
16. Suite: A President’s Country – Dimitri Tiomkin


Gregg Nestor and William Kanengiser, guitars
Jessica Pierce, flute
Francisco Castillo, oboe/English horn
Kevan Torfeh, cello
David McKelvey, harmonica
Anna Bartos, soprano


Executive Album Producers for BSX Records: Ford A. Thaxton and Mark Banning
Album Produced by Gregg Nestor
Guitar Arrangements by Gregg Nestor
Tracks 1-5 and 12-16 recorded at Penguin Recording, Eagle Rock, CA
Engineer: John Strother
Tracks 6-11 recorded at Villa di Fontani, Lake View Terrace, CA
Engineers: Jonathan Marcus, Benjamin Maas
Digitally Edited and Mastered by Jonathan Marcus, Orpharian Recordings
CD Art Direction: Mark Banning
Mr. Nestor’s Guitars by Martin Fleeson, 1981 and Jose Ramirez, 1984 and Sergio Abreu, 1993
Mr. Kanengiser’s Guitar by Miguel Rodriguez, 1977